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If you are planning on visiting The Play Farm and would like to know how much it would cost, then please look below.

prof ply farm pics 024Entrance fees are for unlimited stay except during peak times when play time is restricted to 2 hours:

Under 6 months – Free!
Under 1 year – £1.50
Under 5 years – £3.50
Under 12 years – £4.50

We currently offer all childminders a 40% discount on the standard entrance prices only.  (We cannot discount the toddler morning prices and this cannot be combined with any other offer).  This discount can only be used on children you are actually looking after, not on your own children. Anyone found to be abusing this discount will be removed and may result in a centre ban. To claim this discount, please present your NCMA card upon arrival.

Twins Discount
We understand everything becomes more expensive when you have a child, let alone two!  So we offer all twins a twin discount. All you have to do, is inform the centre upon arrival you have twins, and you will get your discount!  Simple!  You will receive 40% off your entry fee for one of your children. Every little helps!

Toddler Mornings
Visit the centre on a weekday, before 11:30am and you will be entitled to the toddler morning rate.  Everyone under the age of 5 years old will be given a special entry rate of £2.50. This includes a complimentary cup of squash and biscuit.  This is only available during term time.

Tea Time Special
Why not visit us after school and receive a hot or cold meal for your child for only £2.50 per child. This offer applies Monday-Friday, term time only after 3pm.  Please note, the kitchen closes at 5.15pm with last orders announced at 5pm.  We are open until 6pm and the cafe will remain open until 5.45pm for hot or cold drinks, cakes, crisps, chocolate and various snacks depending on the site.  (The £2.50 is for the meal only, the entrance price is extra.  Please see above for our standard entrance prices.)